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European year of workers' mobility kicks off with one million jobs online

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European Year of Worker's Mobility Conference (PDF)

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EUROPA — European Year of Workers' Mobility 2006

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European Year of Workers' Mobility: Launch Conference

"Workers' Mobility: A Right, An Option, An Opportunity?"

Brussels, Belgium, 20 February 2006

The European Commission has designated 2006 as the European Year of Worker Mobility. On February 20, 2006, Mr. Rifkin joined Jose Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission; Josep Borrell Fontelles, President of the European Parliament; Vladimir Spidla, European Commissioner for Employment and Social Affairs; and Martin Bartenstein, Austrian Minister for Economy and Employment, at the inaugural session in Brussels, launching the year-long educational campaign. Mr. Rifkin spoke about the employment challenges and opportunities in an expanded European Union encompassing 25 member states. Mr. Rifkin also urged European countries to develop new initiatives to welcome and integrate workers from other member states into their economy and society.

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European Year of Workers' Mobility: Launch Conference
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