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A post-carbon Europe: towards a third industrial revolution
InterviEUw with Jeremy Rifkin, president of the Foundation on Economic Trends, on A post-carbon Europe: towards a third industrial revolution

InterviEUw with Jeremy Rifkin at

Past Lectures, Meetings, & Events

Highlights of 2010

3rd International Holcim Forum for Sustainable Construction: "Re-inventing Construction"
Mexico City, Mexico, 14–17 April, 2010
Mr. Rifkin provided the keynote lecture at the 3rd International Holcim Foundation Forum, a workshop of international experts from China, Switzerland, Germany, Japan, and the United States discussing carbon-minimizing innovations to reach a zero-emissions goal.

Valley Forward
Phoenix, Arizona, 22 April, 2010
Mr. Rifkin was the keynote speaker for the business and civic leaders at Valley Forward Association's Livability Summit, discussing the global green economic trends.

German Broadcasters 13th International WDR Europa Forum
Berlin, Germany, 6 May, 2010
Jeremy Rifkin gave spoke to high-ranking politicians at the on the challenges of developments in Afghanistan and the social consequences of the global financial and economic crisis for Germany and Europe.

Econopolis: A Sustainable New Deal
Brussels, Belgium, 11 May, 2010
At the Econopolis opening seminar dedicated to sustainable development, Mr. Rifkin (Mister Sustainable Economy) was the speaker of honor discussing risks, threats, hazards and solutions to prominent European politicians and businesses.

Financial Times: Charting the New Economic and Financial Landscape
Toronto, Canada, 18 May, 2010
Mr. Rikfin provided the opening address for a this half-day forum,  which gathered senior economists, regulators, private investors and executives from the energy and financial sectors to discuss the latest investment trends in clean technology and energy infrastructure, the most attractive short- and long-term opportunities, and the challenges that need to be overcome for those opportunities to be realized.

Dunkerque 2010: ICLEI's 6th European Sustainable Cities & Towns Conference
Dunkerque, France, 19–21 May, 2010
Mr. Rifkin provided a live, video facilitation on overcoming the impacts of the global economic, social, and environmental crises for Europe's local government leaders at ICLEI's Dunkerque 2010, the largest networking event for local sustainability in Europe.

Canadian Standards Association
St. Johns, Canada, June, 2010
Mr. Rifkin provided a keynote presentation on turning today’s challenges of climate change, the economy, technology and natural resources into solutions for a safer and more sustainable future to over 500 delegates in St. Johns, Canada at CSA’s Annual Conference.

2010 Construction Industry Institute Annual Conference
Orlando, FL, 4 August, 2010
Mr. Rifkin was a keynote speaker at the annual CII Conference, which hosts presentations on research findings, implementation case studies, and construction industry trends.

Culture & Policies of Change Conference
Brussels, Belgium, 6-7 September 2010
Mr. Rifkin presented a keynote speech for the Culture & Policies of Change Conference in Brussels, Belgium, which focused on the direct impact of significant cuts to cultural budgets and institutions in the EU.

International Herald Tribune Global Clean Energy Forum
Lisbon, Portugal, 30 September - 1 October, 2010
Mr. Rifkin was a keynote speaker for IHT’s 2010 Global Clean Energy Forum, which brought together energy business leaders, government policy makers, financiers and project developers to discuss and debate the interplay between policy and energy.

Developing the regions of Africa and Europe Forum
Taormina, Italy, 8 October, 2010
Mr. Rifkin was a keynote speaker at the Forum “Developing the Regions of Africa and Europe”, fostered by the Fondazione Banco di Sicilia and the European House – Ambrosetti, which aims to consolidate the strategic relationships between Africa and Europe, favoring new and concrete business initiatives and defining the role of Italy and Sicily in making this possible.

How Green Makes Money
Brussels, Belgium, 18 November,  2010
Mr. Rifkin gave the keynote speech to Europe’s leading Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in cooperation with the Belgian European Presidency and the European Commission, discussing the importance of the green economy, and concrete business opportunities for developing industries and growing companies.

2nd International Forum on Food and Nutrition
Milan, Italy, 30 November - 1 December, 2010
Mr. Rifkin provided the keynote speech for the think tank of the world’s leading pasta maker, Barilla Center for Food and Nutrition, on shifting attitudes towards diet and nutrition, and how they relate to people, the environment, science and the economy.

University of Virginia: Car of the Future/Future of the Car”
Charlottesville, Virginia, November 5, 2010
Mr. Rifkin was a keynote speaker for University of Virginia’s family weekend.  He presented to students, faculty and their families, on the future of transportation technology, and its impact on society, culture, and the economy.

Ross Institute Summer Academy Retreat
East Hampton, NY August 25, 2010
Mr. Rifkin provided an overview to educators, administrators, and scholars at the famed Ross Institute’s Summer Academy on preparing students to live in an empathic, biosphere world.

Jeremy Rifkin is president of the Foundation on Economic Trends, a non-profit organization whose mission is to examine emerging trends in science and technology, and their impacts on the environment, the economy, culture, and society.

Jeremy Rifkin at

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