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Time Wars: The Primary Conflict in Human History

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Henry Holt and Company, 1987
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"Exciting … chilling … the best thing on time since Rolex."

— Los Angeles Times Book Review

"Intriguing information … Rifkin offers escape hatches for those who do not wish to become microchips in the world computer bank."

— Chicago Tribune

"Time Wars is a book you will read in a few hours but will reflect on for a lifetime … Jeremy Rifkin gets you thinking, as you never have before, about the consequences of different time concepts that prevail between cultures and between generations."

— Ralph Nader

"A groundbreaking, insightful preview of the emerging politics of efficiency."

— Hazel Henderson, author of Politics of the Solar Age

"Provocative and timely … In Time Wars Rifkin argues persuasively that speed and efficiency are neither the only nor the best value upon which civilization can advance."

— St. Louis Post-Dispatch

"Marshaling evidence from many sources across the broad spectrum of our computerized, time-compact civilization, social commentator Jeremy Rifkin senses a revolutionary change in human time-consciousness. With passionate conviction he argues that by organizing our lives around schedules of increasing precision … we lose the freedom of imprecision-obvious, but someone had to say so. By concentrating on immediate gains we lose the human privilege of seeing the world in terms of history-and benefiting from it. By depending more and more on rhythms and tempos that were created in support of industrial civilization, we force ourselves into temporal molds other than those created by organic evolution. The result is a social jet lag whose long-term effects go unexamined … Time Wars is a challenge to social scientists, psychologists, biologists and humanists to examine critically and help create a public attitude toward time that supports rather than works against human dignity."

— J.T. Fraser, Founder, International Society for the Study of Time

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