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Current Activities & Events

Highlights of 2008

PSOE (Socialist Party of Spain)

PSOE General Political Conference

Meeting of Prime Minister Zapatero's 'Advisory Committee of Progressive Intellectuals'

Madrid, Spain, 18-19 January 2008

Mr. Rifkin was invited by Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero of Spain to join his “Advisory Committee of Progressive Intellectuals”, an international panel of 14 experts put together to counsel the Spanish Socialist party on issues related to economic growth, energy renewal and social integration.


European Business Forum

6th European Business Summit - Greening the Economy: New Energy for Business

Closing Plenary Session – “Greening the Economy: How Can Europe Win the Global Competition?

Brussels, Belgium, 22 February 2008


European Parliament

Meeting with European Parliament President, Hans-Gert Poettering

Brussels, Belgium, 15 April 2008


Republic of Slovenia

Government Office for Growth

Meeting with Prime Minister Janez Janša and Minister Žiga Turk

Ljubljana, Slovenia, 15/16 February 2008


The Third Industrial Revolution

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