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National Coalition Against Surrogacy

Created the National Coalition Against Surrogacy to represent former surrogate mothers and launched a nationwide campaign to outlaw contract surrogacy. FET successfully lobbied state legislatures around the country to ban surrogacy contracts.


Los Angeles Times, Feminists Fight Court Ruling in Baby M Decision Steinem, Friedan, Chesler, French Among Supporters, July 31, 1987

Los Angeles Times, Surrogate Mothers: `Let's Stop This' Baby M Figure, Others Join Coalition to Ban Practice, September 1, 1987

New York Times, Mothering For Pay Assailed in House, October 16, 1987

New York Times, Ruling Hailed By Opponents of Surrogacy, February 4, 1988

New York Times, Steps to Control Surrogate Births Rekindle Debate, June 26, 1988

New York Times, Judge Upholds Ban on Surrogate Birth Contracts, September 20, 1988



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