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Biological Warfare

Won federal court suit halting the proposed construction of a high security Department of Defense biological warfare research laboratory at the Dugway proving grounds in Utah, which was to be used to test dangerous and deadly genetically engineered pathogens.


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The Washington Post, Judge Blocks Germ-Warfare Laboratory, June 1, 1985

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Science, Judge Blocks Biological Warfare Laboratory, June 21, 1985

Nature, New Test Facility Defended, June 26, 1986

Nature, New View from the Pentagon, September 4, 1986

The Washington Post, Security of Germ Lab Questioned, September 24, 1986

Science, Gene Splicing Dominates Review of Weapons Pact, October 10, 1986

The Washington Post, Pentagon Agrees to Study Biotechnology's Impact Suit Over Environmental Effects is Settled, February 19, 1987

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Nature, Defense Mounted for Research in Biological Warfare, May 12, 1988

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The Washington Post, Under Pressure Army Scales Back Plan for Germ-Warfare Lab, September 20, 1988

Nature, Biological Warfare Lab Dropped, September 29, 1988

Nature, Rifkin Wins Suit, November 28, 1991

Science, New Window on Biological Defense, November 29, 1991







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