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Human Growth Hormone Campaign

Pursued a high profile public education campaign to prevent the widespread abuse of genetically engineered human growth hormone for cosmetic and enhancement purposes.


Nature, Group Asks NIH To Stop Growth Hormone Trials, July 2, 1992

The Washington Post, Growth Hormone for Healthy Teens: Treating Shortness with Shots, July 6, 1992

Science, NIH to Size Up Growth Hormone Trials, August 7, 1992

Nature, Rifkin Wins Battle Over NIH Growth Trials, August 13, 1992

Science, NIH Adds an Extra Layer of Review for Sensitive Grants, March 26, 1993

The Washington Post, Lawsuit Targets NIH Child Growth Research, July 13, 1993

Nature, Challenge to Growth Hormone Trial, July 15, 1993

The Washington Post, Are Short Kids Sick? Doctors and Drug Makers May Be Overpromoting a Profitable Hormone That Makes Children Taller, March 15, 1994






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