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Partnering Initiative on Education and Civil Society

The Partnering Initiative is a national and grass roots effort to integrate civil education into the learning experience for American children and college students and enhance community service.

It is a partnership that promotes the use of service learning -- curriculum based on the community service experience -- as a tool for teaching social and civic character and preparing students for democratic life. 

It is an initiative to  revitalize communities by renewing civic values, deepening democratic participation, and enhancing the role of the non-profit sector.

Who We Are

The Partnering Initiative was launched in 1997. It consists of 63 major national education and community organizations, including the American Association for Higher Education, American Association of School Administrators, American Federation of Teachers, American Red Cross, Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, Campus Compact,  Child Welfare League of America,  Community Service Learning Center, Corporation for National Service, Junior Achievement, Inc., National Association of Elementary School Principals, National Civic League, National Association of Secondary School Principals, National Education Association, National School Boards Association, and Volunteers of America, to name a few.  The Partnering Initiative on Civil Education agreed to work together to integrate civil education into every aspect of the educational experience. 

Toward this end, the 63 national education and community organizations agreed to the following seven core goals

  • Expanding opportunities for young people and adults to become more involved in meaningful service with neighborhood and community organizations by making service learning an integral part of the educational experience.

  • Encouraging students to explore the twin issues of character development and responsible participation in the civil society by integrating service learning, character education, and citizen education opportunities into the classroom.

  • Weaving the historical legacy and values of the civil society into a broad range of curricula and community programs.

  • Extending the values of democracy and community to the classroom by engaging students in the design of their own learning experiences.

  • Eliciting more direct involvement between community organizations, civic           associations, businesses and local schools, colleges, and universities.

  • Ensuring that faculty, students, staff, families, and community organizations have a genuine voice in school, college, and university-level   policy making.

  • Making every effort to ensure the availability of the human, financial, and community resources needed to accomplish these goals.




Partnering Initiative: Weaving a Seamless Web Between School and Community (PDF)

Partnering Initiative Declaration (PDF)

Partnering Initiative Campaign Sheet (PDF)


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